Elektra Group Specialists in the 
distribution of 
electrical material


We offer you products certified with the following seals to meet regulations in the USA and Canada:

We can offer you the most suitable product
for meeting the following regulations

Each country checks and certifies that all electrical machinery, installations and products exported to North America comply with existing regulations

  • OSHA 1910: Federal electrical safety law.
  • NFPA 70: National electrical code.
  • NFPA 79: Electrical standard for industrial machinery.
  • UL 508A / CSA 22.2-14: Standard for industrial control panels.
  • UL 97 / CSA 22.2-29: Standard for distribution boards.
  • UL 891 / CSA 22.2 -244: Switchboards.
  • UL 845 / CSA 22.2- 254: Motor Control Centres.

It is an essential requirement for all products to be
laboratory certified

We collaborate with companies that issue certificates in the field for industrial machinery. This certificate guarantees that the machinery will meet electrical standards when inspected at its place of destination.

The regulatory framework in the USA and Canada
is different to Europe and encompasses the following bodies



Supply of certified products

We can collaborate in supplying all kinds of material, from the most basic to material for hazardous atmospheres.

At the Elektra Group we work with Inesa LLC

A company based in the USA. This means that we can import and supply material not commercialized in Europe.

With the innovation and support
of the leading manufacturers

We offer you a wide range of top quality products which you can acquire from
any of our points of sale or from our customer website

We integrate certified electrical material with other solutions

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All these systems are designed to offer you the greatest comfort with the minimum energy consumption.

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