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Grupo Elektra and Pilz present

High-level security training courses.

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and CE Marking
  • CECE - Certified Expert in CE Marking
  • Safety design according to EN ISO 13849-1 / Advanced in Safety Design EN ISO 13849-1
  • CMSE® - Certified Machinery Safety Expert
  • CMSE® Re-certification
  • HRC - Collaborative Robots according to ISO/TS 15066
  • LoTo: Lock OutTag Out
  • And more...

With international level certificate for CECE and CMSE

Training in safety is increasing productivity

List of courses and complete calendar

Grupo Elektra and Pilz, one of the world leaders in automation technology, join forces to help you get the most productive performance out of your processes by increasing the safety of your machines and the personnel in charge of their operation.

To this end, we have launched high-level security training courses for clients (with and without FUNDAE bonus).

Advantages for students in our continuing machine safety training courses

  • The courses are taught by Pilz staff, international instructors with many years of practical experience.
  • You will learn feasible solutions for complex issues related to machine safety and automation.
  • The courses include practical examples and use exercises with three-dimensional machine models.
  • Discover the knowledge you need to improve work efficiency in all phases of the machine life cycle - saving time and money!
  • Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive an internationally valid TÜV certificate attesting to your qualification in the CECE and CMSE courses.

List of courses and complete calendar 2024

CMSE ® - Certified Machinery Safety Expert

TUV Nord - Grupo Elektra By Elektra - Grupo Elektra New
Place Duration Mar. Abr. Jun. Oct. Nov.
Barcelona 4 days/28h     Jun. 10-13th    
Bilbao 4 days/28h    Apr. 23-26th      
Madrid 4 days/28h       Oct. 8-11th  
Online 7 days/28h Mar. 11-20th       Nov. 11-20th
Online English  7 days/28h    Apr. 15-24th     Nov. 18-27th

CMSE ® Re-certification

TUV Nord - Grupo Elektra By Elektra - Grupo Elektra New
Place Duration Jun. Nov.
Online 2 days/7h Jun. 26-27th Nov. 27-28th

Basic Safety Design according to EN ISO 13849 and EN IEC 62061

Place Duration Mar. May. Jun. Sep. Oct. Nov.
Barcelona 1 day/7h         Oct. 15th  
Bilbao 1 day/7h   May 29th        
Madrid 1 day/7h      Jun. 19th      
Online 2 days/7h Mar. 4-5th         Nov. 4-5th
Online English 2 days/7h       Sep. 25-26th     

Advanced Safety Design according to EN ISO 13849

Place Duration Mar. May. Jun. Oct. Nov.
Barcelona 1 day/7h       Oct. 16th  
Bilbao 1 day/7h   May. 30th      
Madrid 1 day/7h     Jun. 20th    
Valencia 1 day/7h   May 25th      
Online 2 days/7h Mar. 6-7th       Nov. 6-7th

Full Safety Design according to EN ISO 13849 and EN IEC 62061

Place Duration Mar. May. Jun. Oct. Nov.
Barcelona 2 days/14h       Oct. 15-16th  
Bilbao 2 days/14h   May 29-30th      
Madrid 2 days/14h      Jun. 19-20th    
Online 4 days/14h Mar. 4-7th       Nov. 4-7th

Functional Safety of Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems

Place Duration Jun.
Online 2 days/7h Jun. 3-4th

Electrical Safety in Industrial Installations - IEC 60204

Place Duration Jun.
Online 2 days/7h Jun. 5-6th

CEFS – Certified Expert in Functional Safety

Place Duration May. Oct. Nov.
Barcelona 2 days/16h   Oct. 28-29th  
Online 4 days/16h May 6-9th    
Online English 4 days/16h May. 13-16th   Nov. 4-7th

Introduction to the New Machinery Regulation

Place Duration Mar. May. Jun. Sep.
Online 1 day/3h   May 15th    
Online English 1 day/3h Mar. 14th   Jun. 27th Sep 12th

Fundamentals of CE Marking. Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Place Duration Mar. May. Jun. Sep. Oct.
Barcelona 1 day/7h          Oct. 14th
Bilbao 1 day/7h    May 28th      
Madrid 1 day/7h     Jun. 18th    
Online 2 days/7h Mar. 25-26th       Oct. 30-31st
Online English 2 days/7h Mar. 11-12th      Sp. 18-19th  

CECE - Certified Expert in CE Marking

TUV Nord - Grupo Elektra New
Place Duration Abr. Oct.
Barcelona 2 days/16h Apr. 3-4th  
Online 4 days/16h   Oct. 21-14th
Online English 4 days/16h   Oct. 14-17th

CECE Re-certification

TUV Nord - Grupo Elektra New
Place Duration Jun.
Online 1 day/4h Jun. 25th

LoTo: Lockout Tagout

Place Duration May.
Online 2 days/7h May 13-14th

Safe Automation

Place Duration May.
Barcelona 2 days/14h May. 21-22nd

Robot Safety and Integration

Place Duration Abr. Sep. Oct.
Online 2 days/7h Apr. 8-9th Oct. 2-3rd
Online English 2 days/7h Sep. 3-4th

AGV Security and Integration Requirements

Place Duration Abr. Nov.
Online 2 days/7h Apr. 10-11th Nov 25-26th
Online English 2 days/7h   Nov. 12-13th

Robot Operating System Application for Autonomous Mobile Vehicles

Place Duration Mar. Oct.
Online English 4 days/16h Mar. 12-15th Oct. 21-14th

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Important information about the courses

  • The courses will be given by Pilz personnel.
  • The organization will provide each student with material and documentation for the course. The documentation will be delivered exclusively in paper format.
  • Non-attendance of the course must be notified at least 15 days before the course begins. Otherwise, the course fee will not be refunded.
  • The celebration of each course requires a minimum number of attendees. If the required number of participants is not reached, the organization reserves the right to cancel the course.