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Our team of experts advises you on your lighting project. Consult us and we will help you achieve a customized solution with a focus on compliance with current regulations on lighting requirements, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

With our experience, we help you enrich your project

We have been collaborating hand in hand with professional installers and industrial companies for over 40 years. This allows us to know what each lighting project needs. We help you make yours come true.

We work with DIALux and offer you the advantage of enjoying 3D presentations, thanks to which you will get a perfect idea of how your project will look.

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  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Unique buildings
  • Ornamental
  • Sports facilities
  • Road and urban
  • Industrial buildings
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  • Service
  • Energy efficiency
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Horticulture: LED lighting solutions that grow crops and results

With Philips LED horticulture solutions, it is very easy to design customized lighting systems that optimize harvests and improve results. Additionally, it is an environmentally friendly option.

In horticulture, LED technology is the future because it provides you with many practical and simple benefits and advantages over conventional artificial light:

  • Increase lighting hours
  • Year-round production
  • Cost reduction
  • Better quality of your product
  • A more sustainable cultivation process
    (Energy efficiency, low temperature emission, longer lamp life...)

At Grupo Elektra, we study crops and create personalized LED lighting plans to help you adapt to the future.

We accompany you from start to finish

That's how we do it. We are with you at any moment of your project that you need. From the beginning to the end. If you need it, we advise you on:

Design and engineering - Grupo Elektra Solutions

Design and engineering

Manufacturing and assembly - Grupo Elektra Solutions

Manufacturing and assembly

The most suitable products - Grupo Elektra Solutions

The most suitable products

Training - Grupo Elektra Solutions


Regulation - Grupo Elektra Solutions



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Discover live and direct lighting concepts, ways to control light and different types of lighting applications

Be inspired by seeing with your own eyes the most innovative lighting proposals for your project.

Get closer to your nearest showroom
Showrooms - LifeEvolution Grupo Elektra

These are some of our success stories in Lighting projects

Take a look at these projects and get inspired.

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Caso de éxito: iluminación de la fachada del Palacio de Montemuzo (Zaragoza)

24 Aug 2022, 7:30 AM

Nuestros compañeros de Elektra Aragón han participado en este interesante proyecto, la iluminación del Pala...

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Caso de éxito: optimización de cultivos en Horticultura Alberro

26 Mar 2021, 1:00 PM

Horticultura Alberro es una empresa agrícola gipuzkoana que cultiva hortalizas en sus plantaciones de Urnie...

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