Solutions for the manufacture and assembly of electrical panels

At Grupo Elektra, we collaborate with you to find the best technical and commercial solutions for your electrical panel manufacturing projects.

More than 40 years of experience have taught us the key points of electrical panels

Every day we help professionals create new distribution boards for the domestic and tertiary sector and electrical panels for the industrial sector. The needs of our clients are our learning.

  • Choice of breaking power
  • Space saving
  • Envelope optimization
  • Efficiency and safety
  • Advanced differential protections
  • Tested distribution connections and solutions
  • Solution against surges
  • Advanced measurement and control solutions
  • Distribution panels for the residential and tertiary sectors
Domestic and industrial distribution panels

We provide technical assistance in the design of electrical panels and ensure they are delivered on time

Experience has made us specialists: we know what technical offices and assembly workshops of companies that manufacture electrical panels need.

That's why we can help you at every stage:

  • We provide you with the necessary electrical material for the assembly of electrical panels
  • We have stock for your projects
  • We provide technical support
  • We offer logistical support (tracking, orders, alternatives...)
  • We provide training on manufacturing regulations, specific technical solutions, assembly issues...

Do you want to comply with the Prisma Set panel board standard?
We advise you on Schneider Electric's tested solutions

We provide you with the plans - Grupo Elektra Solutions

We provide you with the plans

We provide technical support - Grupo Elektra Solutions

We provide technical support

We train you on the regulations of panels - Grupo Elektra Solutions

We train you on the regulations of panels

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In addition to electrical panels, at Grupo Elektra we provide you with a personalized solution for your project, whatever type it may be.

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