Electrical materials for Digital Industry

The future has already begun. Are you ready? With our products we help you make the digital transformation of your industrial processes a reality.

With our configurators and selectors, it is very easy to design and budget your Digital Industry project

Our customer website provides you with digital tools that make your day-to-day more practical and profitable.

Ask at your point of sale

There are over 50 Grupo Elektra sales points throughout Spain. Find the closest one and ask us about the most suitable products for your Digital Industry project.

Grupo Elektra points of sale
Grupo Elektra points of sale

If you need it, we provide specialized advice on your Digital Industry project

We not only have the products you need to make your company's digital leap. We can also help you make it a reality from start to finish. If you wish, we will provide you with specialized advice at all stages of the project:

Design and engineering - Grupo Elektra Solutions

Design and engineering

Manufacturing and assembly - Grupo Elektra Solutions

Support in implementation

The most suitable products - Grupo Elektra Solutions

The most suitable products

Training - Grupo Elektra Solutions


Regulation - Grupo Elektra Solutions


Other Industry areas

In addition to Digital Industry, at Grupo Elektra you will find the most suitable electrical material products for professional goals related to industry.

In which area does your project develop?

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