The best way to share energy is to do it as a team

We have been providing the best service for over 40 years. The formula we follow is simple: listen to you to know what you need and surround ourselves with people who have the same way of seeing work and life.

A group of companies with the same philosophy

Wherever you are, you have Grupo Elektra very close to you. We work to improve your day-to-day from 16 branches and serving you at more than 50 national sales points and 4 international ones.

There is a Grupo Elektra sales point very close to you A group of companies with the same philosophy - Grupo Elektra
Grupo Elektra branches history
  • Grupo Elektra
  • Baimen - Grupo Elektra Delegation
  • Selcansa - Grupo Elektra Delegation
  • Oleta Berri - Grupo Elektra Delegation
  • LaElectrica - Grupo Elektra Delegation
  • Elektra Aragón - Grupo Elektra Delegation
  • Electricidad Guerra - Grupo Elektra Delegation
  • Energema - Grupo Elektra Delegation
  • Galektra - Grupo Elektra Delegation
  • Baimelek - Grupo Elektra Delegation
  • Valektra - Grupo Elektra Delegation
  • Promelek - Grupo Elektra Delegation
  • Elektra Andalucia - Grupo Elektra Delegation
  • Elektra Catalunya - Grupo Elektra Delegation
  • Indektra - Grupo Elektra Delegation
  • Elektra Canarias - Grupo Elektra Delegation

La Fabrica - Grupo Elektra

From installer company to leader in the distribution of electrical materials: our history has taught us to serve you as you need

The first assignment of Grupo Elektra (which was born in 1978 as Elektra, an installation company) was a low voltage connection for a small radio. Soon the company focused its activity on distribution, a change that marks the beginning of the group's expansion.

It was a logical consequence, since we believe that to provide the best service it is necessary to control the greatest possible amount of details and perfect them to the maximum.

This vision has allowed us to evolve and grow to become one of the main leaders in the distribution of electrical material in Spain.

16 Distributor companies

56 Points of sale

>1.300 People

>80.000 m2 of warehouses

Our experience has allowed us to create a management and
efficiency model that makes it easier for you to succeed

National and international commercial network - Grupo Elektra National and international sales network

Products from leading brands - Grupo Elektra The best products from leading brands

Specialized technical support - Grupo Elektra Specialized technical support

Exclusive online promotions - Grupo Elektra Exclusive online promotions

Thanks to our alliances with the most important brands, we can offer you special prices on high-quality products and solutions

  • Siemens - Grupo Elektra Brands
  • Schneider - Grupo Elektra Brands
  • TopCable - Grupo Elektra Brands
  • Weidmuller - Grupo Elektra Brands
  • Trina Solar - Grupo Elektra Brands
  • Rittal - Grupo Elektra Brands
  • Signify - Grupo Elektra Brands
  • Pemsa - Grupo Elektra Brands
  • Unex - Grupo Elektra Brands
  • Circutor - Grupo Elektra Brands
  • Murr Elektronik - Grupo Elektra Brands
  • Phoenix Contact - Grupo Elektra Brands
  • Simon -Grupo Elektra Brands
  • Ledvance - Grupo Elektra Brands
  • Legrand - Grupo Elektra Brands
  • Lapp - Grupo Elektra Brands
  • Trilux - Grupo Elektra Brands
  • Orbis - Grupo Elektra Brands
  • Hellermann Tyton - Grupo Elektra Brands
  • Wiska - Grupo Elektra Brands

Grupo Elektra is part of IDEE, which means great advantages for our customers

Belonging to IDEE (International Distribution of Electrical Association Europe), European association of electrical wholesalers, implies participating in decision-making in our sector at an international level.

It also allows us to enjoy first-hand access to knowledge and resources on research, regulations, and policies related to the electrical and automation industry.

This positioning of Grupo Elektra at the European level is reflected in practice with great advantages for our clients, partners and collaborators:

  • Quality and safety guarantee
  • Access to high-quality products
  • Experience and knowledge
  • Greater product availability
  • Quality customer service
Grupo IDEE - Grupo Elektra

We accompany the professional installer and industrial companies every day

Grupo Elektra's customers know that we don't just sell electrical material products. In our DNA is the accompaniment as partners, collaborators, technological partners...

from Grupo Elektra: showrooms and digital laboratory so that, in addition to imagining it, you can see with your own eyes that your project is possible

You have several Lifeevolution at your disposal. Request a guided tour and you can see how far your project can go.

Proof of concept, product demonstrations, live solutions...

Lifeevolution. EXPERIENCE IT
Lighting - LifeEvolution Grupo Elektra


Smart Home - LifeEvolution Grupo Elektra

Smart Home Control systems and home automation

Digital Industry- LifeEvolution Grupo Elektra

Digital Industry

Become a customer and benefit from the collaboration of Grupo Elektra, a leading company that will always accompany you in your projects

Every step we take is aimed at improving the performance of our clients: quality products, stock, knowledge, training, advice... Enjoying all this value is as simple as becoming a customer of Grupo Elektra. Request your registration today.