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Industrial automation

We provide our experience and knowledge in the different automation tasks, and we work in close collaboration with you to find the best technical solution for your project
  • Control and display
  • Industrial communications
  • Remote connections
  • Version and copy management software for industrial components
  • Drives

We offer advice on the project, designing 
a personalised solution to meet your needs

Control and display

We select the HMI devices and controllers along with the software platform. Then we select the input/output modules and the necessary functional modules for the controllers, whether in centralised or distributed mode.

Industrial communications

Communication between the controllers, HMI devices or any other communication devices is implemented with the main industrial protocols: Profibus, Profinet, Modbus, TCP/IP, etc. and in order to have the most suitable network topology, we select the appropriate industrial connection system: connectors, cables, repeaters, switchers, gateways and wireless access points.

Remote connections

The industrial routers enable us to ensure a safe and secure Internet extension, to carry out remote maintenance or an M2M connection.

Version and copy management software for industrial components

With a software package like Octoplant, you can make automated back-up copies of your programmes, and at the same time have a powerful project documentation and version control system.

Octoplant enables you to answer the following:

  • Where is the latest version of a particular programme?
  • When was the last copy made?
  • Who made that copy and what changes were made?
  • What was modified?
  • Why is the online version different from the offline version?


The industrial automation is completed with the motion tasks, and to do so the reducers, motors and drives are correctly sized and selected, both for simple applications as well as for complex multi-axis applications.

  • Wire drawing
  • Packaging
  • Printing sector
  • Aeronautics
  • Any drive in special machinery
  • Sheet deformation
  • Converting (Coiling/uncoiling)
  • Handling (Pick & Place)
  • Hydraulic drive control

We provide you with technical advice to guarantee a perfect final installation

  • We want our clients to learn, and that’s why we provide you with technical advice on the configuration and programming of selected equipment in the industrial automation project.
  • We have several material and diagnostics tool testing rooms in which we can carry out the desired simulations.
  • Our technical staff is accredited by the leading manufacturing companies.

We integrate industrial automation alongside other solutions

With the innovation and support of the finest manufacturers

We offer you a wide range of high quality products that you 
can purchase at any of our points of sale or from our customer web page
  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Operator screens
  • Remote peripherals
  • Starters
  • Variable speed drives
  • Servo-drives
  • Motors and servo-motors
  • Reducers and motor-reducers
  • Communications
  • Programming and design tools

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