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COMMUNICATIONS NETWORKS We can provide everything you need for an
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  • Passive components
  • UPS
  • Data centers
  • Instrumentation and certification
  • Network electronics
  • High performance WiFi
  • IPTV


The IT infrastructure is a strategic asset and the basis for offering services and applications adapted to the new technologies

  • We can make a detailed analysis of your needs and offer you different technology solutions.
  • We advise you on how to choose the best technical solution while optimising economic factors.
  • We offer you a complete catalogue of products capable of developing any kind of installation.
  • We advise you technically and commercially for correct development of the installation and setting it in motion.
  • We can offer consumer motivating companies the drawing up of technical reports.
  • We assess the option of maintaining stock levels adapted to each client’s requirements.

We offer the possibility of combining different systems and solutions according to criteria of consistency and compatibility

Passive components

The choice of a proven quality passive network infrastructure guarantees, in addition to a useful investment life of more than 15 years, top performance from your devices.

  • Rack cabinets from 6 to 42 units in height, different measurements.
  • Structured copper cabling from cat5e to cat7A, UTP or different types of screening.
  • Multi-mode and single-mode optical fibre connectivity, type SC, ST or LC, whether in direct connection format, pre-polished or for pigtails.
  • Fibre jackets from 2 to 144 fibres, multi-mode or single-mode, indoor, outdoor, etc.
  • Telematics boxes, surface, built-in, for false floor, column format, etc.

Network electronics

Clients appreciate the advantages of having a global offer from a single provider that includes both passive and active components.

  • Ethernet switches: Up to 48 ports, different network speeds (100Mbps, 1Gbps), transmission methods (copper or fibre), PoE, etc.
  • Routers: For xDSL access, 3G or 4G mobile networks to Ethernet networks.
  • Wireless access points: 2.4 Ghz or 5Ghz protocol to 802.11ac, for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Transceivers: Fibre to Ethernet/copper converters, different speeds.


Using high performance UPS reduces computer equipment breakdown and periods of inactivity due to problems with the electricity supply.

  • Single-phase line-interactive UPS.
  • Single-phase online double-conversion UPS.
  • Three-phase UPS.
  • UPS with modular load and battery systems.

High performance WiFi

In spaces where massive demand is made of the WiFi network, such as hotels or convention centres, having this service may represent competitive advantage.

  • High performance WiFi systems: applications control, modular arrays based on sector antenna, cloud or in-situ management, indoor and outdoor solutions, high capacity bandwidth and linkable clients.
  • Predictive and site survey coverage studies.
  • Indoor / outdoor access points, up to 802.11ac protocol.
  • High performance indoor / outdoor arrays, from 4 to 16 sectored modular radios.

Data centers

Have a direct impact on energy costs and on the continuity of an organisation’s activity.

  • Gas or water cooling systems, mainly based on InRow Systems with aisle containment. Possibility of supplying FreeCooling systems.
  • Uninterruptible power supply in modular concept or traditional concept.
  • Monitoring systems.
  • Specific rack cabinets for housing typical IT room systems and equipment.
  • Specific rack cabinets for housing typical IT room systems and equipment.
  • Special pre-connectorized cabling systems for Data Centers.
  • Micro Data Centers.


Avoids the need to install coaxial cabling in hotels and offers a two-way communication channel with bedrooms.

  • Satellite and terrestrial signal capturing systems.
  • Head-ends with electronics for converting all content sources to IP.
  • Fast-Ethernet or Gigabit-Ethernet distribution switches for multicast traffic.
  • Set-Top-Box for converting the system’s IP signal to HDMI.
  • Middleware including the elements and applications that allow interaction with the spectator: hotel portals, advanced programme guides, integration with invoicing and payment platform, etc.

Instrumentation and certification

Having the necessary equipment to implement and certify network installations without requiring the services of outside people or companies is a competitive advantage and gives the end client a better impression.

  • Fibre optic fusion splicers: different types and levels of precision depending on the client’s available budget.
  • Cable testers: equipment for cable continuity tests and mapping. Probes and tone generators for tracing cable installations. Optical power meters.
  • Copper and fibre certifiers.
  • Qualification equipment.
  • Fibre optic reflectometers.
  • Tools: Copper and fibre connectorization kits, cleaning elements, crimping tools, etc.

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