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distribution of 
electrical material

Building automation Intelligent control and management of spaces designed for comfort, security and energy efficiency

At the Elektra Group we advise you about incorporating different systems in one coherent and personalised solution
  • Control and management of HVAC and boilers
  • Control and management of blinds, curtains and awnings
  • Control and management of lighting
  • Distribution of audio and video in high definition
  • Security and CCTV systems
  • Monitoring and management of energy
  • Social healthcare solutions
  • Digital signage systems

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We advise you from the very beginning of the project, 
including technical support during the installation stage

We design a personalised solution for your project

  • We help you identify your needs and develop your project to incorporate the different systems in a solution based on comfort, security and energy efficiency.

We are on site to support you, to ensure the final 
installation is carried out to perfection.

  • With our technical support, you receive first-hand technical advice on the product and the development of an electrical installation.
  • We advise you on the connection and cables for the different systems, always respecting existing regulations.
  • We offer you technical support in the systems' programming and their final implementation.

We offer specialised training courses.

  • We collaborate with training centres to guarantee our technical staff are specialised in automation and control technologies.
  • We train installation and integration companies through specific courses on systems and products.

Building automation projects used in:

Some examples of completed projects

Bodega Traslascuestas

The owners, along with the architects (Arquitelia), turn to Elektra’s Advisory Department for assistance in including new technologies at Bodega Traslascuestas, such as CCTV, lighting control, access control...

In turn, Electricidad Guerra is entrusted with studying the lighting and supply of lights in several parts of the facility, such as the foyer, rooms, dining hall…


  • KNX control of the lighting in the wine cellar area and communal areas.
  • Constant lighting control in the dining hall.
  • Piped music system integrated in the KNX in communal areas.
  • CCTV system (outer perimeter and communal areas).
  • Access control in rooms and communal areas.
  • Entryphone system.
  • Interactive screen for the training room.
  • Lighting in the foyer and bar.
  • Lighting in the dining hall (adjustable equipment for integration with KNX).
  • Lighting on the outside entrance porch.
  • Light fittings on the bedside tables in the rooms.
  • Lighting in the bathrooms.

Hotel Apolonia

The project began with a study of the lighting at the Hotel Apolonia by Electricidad Guerra, which, with the help of the Building Automation Department, managed to include KNX control and other additional systems in the project.

The Building Automation Department advised Electricidad Guerra as regards the installation’s design (and the subsequent offer of material), and the installation company was also given advice on the subject of programming and setting up the system.


  • Lighting in the hotel and bar area
  • Exterior and emergency lighting
  • KNX control of the lighting and stages
  • KNX control of HVAC (fancoils)
  • Remote control of the KNX installation through the web server
  • CCTV system
  • Access control in rooms

Hotel Olatu

The owners who were managing the project, along with a decorator, went to the integration company Bost Mega, who, with Elektra's help, carried out the installation and set-up of the control and security system.

The main objective of this project was to be able to achieve remote control of the installations, as they also had to deal with other establishments in the same town.


  • KNX control of the HVAC system
  • CCTV system in communal areas.
  • Access control in rooms and communal areas.
  • Entryphone system.
  • Online control of the installation both on-site and remote, covering:
    • Occupancy status of the room
    • Designated temperatures
    • Mode of operation
    • Status of windows in each room

Vivienda unifamiliar

Vivienda unifamiliar de alto standing en la provincia de Gipuzkoa

Necesidades del cliente: Dotar a la vivienda de un sistema de automatización y control domótico para aumentar los niveles de confort y eficiencia energética, mediante un sistema que no requiera la programación de un integrador, con un interfaz de usuario que permita modificaciones y ajustes de manera autosuficiente por parte de la propiedad.

Solucion: Sistema de automatización y control domótico Free@Home de ABB.

Productos Free@Home suministrados

  • Actuadores de iluminación ON-OFF y regulación
  • Actuadores para control de persianas.
  • Actuadores para calefacción.
  • Termostatos estética SKY de Niessen.
  • Pulsadores de iluminación estética SKY de Niessen
  • Pantalla táctil de 7” para control de los sistemas de la vivienda
  • Integración de videoportero Welcome de ABB
  • Acceso remoto al control de la vivienda mediante App

Promoción viviendas Burgos

Promoción de grupo de 12 viviendas en zona residencial de la ciudad de Burgos

Necesidades del cliente: Dotar a las viviendas de un sistema de automatización y control domótico para incrementar el valor de la promoción, aumentando los niveles de confort y eficiencia energética.

Solucion: Sistema basado en protocolo KNX, con unas prestaciones básicas, ampliables con posterioridad a voluntad de los propietarios. Se utilizó una variedad de productos de los catálogos de los distintos Partners grupales seleccionados.

Productos KNX suministrados

  • Actuadores de iluminación ON-OFF y regulación DALI de Schneider Electric.
  • Actuadores para control de persianas Schneider Electric.
  • Actuadores para control del sistema de climatización Schneider Electric.
  • Termostatos táctiles Iddero.
  • Pulsadores multifunción en zonas nobles Jung.
  • Sensorización y alarmas técnicas de inundación, incendio e Intrusión Schneider Electric
  • Servidor Web para gestión remota de la vivienda Homelynk Schneider Electric.

We are specialists in all these technologies

We know all the technologies that form part of the automation, management and control of homes and buildings, 
so we can advise you and offer you an integral solution in all these areas.

With the innovation and support of the finest manufacturers

We offer a wide range of high quality products that you can purchase at 
any of our points of sale or from our customer web page

Building automation

We have different solutions available depending on the requirements of each installation, from centralised, simple and user-friendly systems for small homes, up to fieldbus-based systems for larger facilities.


The building automation department offers control systems for different lighting arrangements and fittings. These control systems can make almost any kind of light fitting adjustable, whether fluorescent, LED or other.

Video surveillance

We have solutions of closed circuit TV, both analogue and IP. Support from the department as regards the Data Protection Agency and the installation's legalisation process.

Access control and management

  • Our catalogue includes different types of access controls that vary according to the required level of security and features.
  • These access controls can integrate different identification technologies, such as RFID, biometrics, magnetic stripe..
  • We also have entryphones with cameras that have built-in access control, with the option of choosing between the different identification technologies mentioned above.

Audio and video

  • Conventional piped music systems with the option of integration in KNX installations
  • Multi-room or audio/video distribution systems. These are systems that distribute the content of the sources at a particular point in the home to the rest of the house, and those sources can be controlled from any room.
  • HDMI matrix switchers. Dissemination systems for several HDMI signals with category 5 or 6 cables to different rooms.
  • HDMI signal converters. HDMI signal converters + Internet connection + infrared + RS232 signal to one single category 5 cable.
  • Control of multimedia devices using an Android or Apple tablet instead of a remote control, which makes the system more convenient and easier to use.
  • Dynamic marketing. Digital signage systems that can be scaled up or down depending on the project's requirements, and designed for the services sector. Ideal for small hotels, country guest houses, restaurants or shops, where you need to show your offers and products quickly and simply.
  • Fire protection systems

    • Approved conventional and analogue systems, as well as autonomous detection systems designed for small applications and homes.
    • Approval of installations by a recognised company in the sector.

    All our projects comply with existing regulations

    • ITC-BT-51 Low voltage regulation (LV)
    • Law 25/2009 on video-surveillance or CCTV systems (Omnibus)


    We have certified specialists in KNX (standardised European home automation system)

    Members of:

    Spanish KNX Automation Systems Association

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