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Sale of Electrical material in Castellón

A full stock, immediate delivery and much more

At VALEKTRA CASTELLÓN each day we start working by asking ourselves the following question: how can we improve our customer satisfaction today?

The satisfaction, in the professionals and industrial companies that make up the bulk of our clientele, lies in several factors: stock, speed, trust...

We respond to all of this at VALEKTRA CASTELLÓN by getting the best grades. Not only do we have a complete stock so that whenever you search for what you need, you have it, but our products and solutions are from the best brands.

This guarantees you performance, gives you the confidence that you will achieve success in your projects.

But we also give you the extra value of advice and technical support in your professional challenges. If you need it, we accompany you in each phase with our specialist team in photovoltaic solar energy, electrical panels, industrial automation and lighting, which helps you in the choice and application of the right products.

Yes, all of this can be achieved when you go out to buy electrical material. You just have to come and check it.

We are waiting for you!

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Valektra CASTELLÓN - Store - Grupo Elektra
Valektra CASTELLÓN - Store - Grupo Elektra
Valektra CASTELLÓN - Store - Grupo Elektra