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At Elektra Group, we offer you all the products you need to manufacture and assemble all kinds of electric panels for the tertiary and industrial sector.
  • Casings
  • Protective switchgear
  • Control and command switchgear
  • Assembly and installation accessories
  • Innovative monitoring and supervision systems
  • Industrial automation

We can collaborate with you to look for the best technical-commercial solutions for your electric panel manufacturing projects, both during the design and engineering phase, bearing applicable regulations in force in mind, and in the panel manufacture and assembly phase.

Electrical switchboards

We provide technical consultation services so you meet all regulations on electrical switchboards.

Based on the electric blueprint, we select the most suitable protective elements:

  • Selection of regulations to apply (Household vs. Industrial)
  • Selection of suitable breaking capacity
  • Advanced earth leakage protection
  • Solution for surges

We optimise implementation in casings:

  • We select the most suitable power casing and repair systems

Electric panels for the industrial sector

We contribute value to requirements for control electric panels and machine and process automation:

  • Providing consulting services to meet regulations on electric control panels.
  • Collaborating in their evolution: space saving, robust connections, thermal calculation.
  • Improving security: helping to meet regulations, providing power switchboard solutions, compartmentalisation, switchgear, etc.
  • Increasing simplicity and flexibility: with wiring, control solutions, etc.
  • Supplying the necessary products: main equipment, accessories and auxiliary material.


We offer you a wide variety of top-quality products,
that you can purchase at any of our points of sale or on our customer website

Components for electrical switchboards

  • Modular protection switchgear
  • Power protective elements
  • Casings for I < 630 A
  • Modular protection switchgear
  • Power protective elements
  • Casings for I < 630 A
  • Protection and control switchgear
  • Auxiliary material for assembly and wiring

We select the electric panel components, bearing the project's specifications and power availability in mind, as well as indicated safety requirements to meet regulations: In, Icc, compartmentalisation, protection rating, accessibility, etc.

Smart electric panels to manage, control and supervise power:

  • Connecting protective elements
  • Metre equipment

Components for electric panels


Industrial climate-control systems and casings: Selection of casings and their climate control systems, necessary to meet power specifications and regulations:

  • 16 Industrial casings
  • 17 Climate control

Protective switchgear: Correct selection, based on the installation's characteristics.

  • 1 Main panel switch
  • 6 Circuit-breaker and earth-leakage protection for circuits

Control and command switchgear: We provide solutions for different kinds of motor protections and controls.

  • 7 Motor protection switches and contactors
  • 14 Buttons and pilots for local commands and signalling
  • 9 Electromechanical relays
  • 10 Electronic control relays
  • 5 Power sources and transformer units

Industrial Automation:

  • 12 Programmable automatons
  • 8 Starters and speed shifters - servo-drives
  • 15 Operator screens
  • 13 I/O interfaces - Materials for industrial communication networks


Power and wire distribution: Advanced solutions to increase electric panel safety.

  • 2 Power distribution systems
  • 3 Flexible bars
  • 4 Internal wires
  • 19 Terminals

Power supervision systems:

  • 18 Metre equipment


  • 1 Wire conduit
  • 2 Panel channels
  • 3 Exterior identification
  • 4 Wire identification
  • 5 Switchgear identification
  • 6 Flanges and Attachments
  • 7 Wire protection
  • 8 Insulators - Shrink-on tubing
  • 9 Wire Inputs - Outputs: stuffing box
  • 10 Terminals and tips

Equipment to INSPECT electric panels

Using infrared thermometers (visual or not) and thermographic cameras helps us to locate problematic points in electric panels in existing installations.
Additionally, we provide consulting services on the specific equipment necessary for design and individual verifications in the electric panels. Said verifications are based on the different regulations affecting electric panels.

Technical support

We provide technical consulting services to guarantee
high-quality, high-performance electric panel manufacturing

  • We help you to implement the solutions you need to meet different regulations on electric panels.
  • We have different testing rooms and sample electric panels to view the different applications of smart electric distribution.
  • We have technical staff trained by main manufacturing companies.
  • We provide you with products certified with the seals below, to meet regulations in the USA and Canada:
  • We can collaborate in certifying electric control panels for exportation to different countries: for example, regulation UL508A for the American market.

These solutions are an integral part of the complete selection of electric components

We have perfect, thorough knowledge of all technologies involved in automation, management and control of homes, buildings, industrial processes and machines, so we can support you and offer a solution built into the electric panels. We collaborate with partner suppliers in implementing smart electric panels

With innovation and support of
leading manufacturing companies

We offer you a wide variety of top-quality products,
that you can purchase at any of our points of sale or on our customer website

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