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Sale of Electrical material in Barcelona

Knowing who our customers are allows us to specialize in them

At ELEKTRA CATALUNYA TERRASSA we are a team that listens. From that first day we opened the shutter back in 2012, we dedicate part of our efforts to being aware of what our visiting customers need.

And so, little by little, we have specialized in providing value - that is, top quality products and expert advice on solutions - in those areas with the most activity from our main customers, professional integrators, installers and industrial companies.

Automation and actuation, industrial material, low voltage, machine safety... are some of our specialties. In addition, we are growing in expert advice on lighting, voice and data, industrial telecommunications...

In short, at ELEKTRA CATALUNYA TERRASSA you find a very simple way to improve performance in your work. Because, when it comes to buying materials, it's better to do it in an expert place, where, in addition to products from leading brands, you get the value of top-level advice, right?

We look forward to seeing you!

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