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Machine Safety

An investment in peace

In the ELEKTRA GROUP we analyse the risks of the machines, for both the manufacturing company and the end user, to make this equipment safe to use by adapting it to the current prevention standards for accidents involving people and equipment.

To do so, we have the most technologically advanced products in the world of the industrial safety and a human team of specialists capable of performing the integrations needed to correctly plan the preventive management.

1. Risk analysis of machines

ELEKTRA GROUP provides you with the knowledge and experience according to the different European Directives, for solutions in compliance with the RD 1435:

· Integration of safety in the design of the machine

· Drawing up of the necessary and compulsory documents for the application of the CE marking (Technical Dossier)

2. Equipment suitability studies

According to the requirements established in Royal Decree 1215/97, modified by Royal Decree 2177/04, which establishes the safety minimums that machines built before 1995 must have:

· Verification study of the 19 points of RD1215

3. Verification of machinery/equipment

For both the end user that acquires a machine or integrates several machines, and the person that buys a piece of equipment and is not familiar with the current guidelines:

· Verification report on the level of compliance to standards

4. Consultancy on safety technology (equipment manufacturers, end users)

Thanks to the experience of 30 years in contact with machinery manufacturers, end users and suppliers of electrical equipment, we offer the best technical solution according to their needs:

· Consultancy on safety devices

5. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and network quality measurements.

According to the Directive on electromagnetic compatibility 2004/108-CE the machinery has to be immune to a determined value and not issue interference in the network.

From the ELEKTRA GROUP safety department we have equipment for measuring EMC and network quality:

· Measurements and reports for compliance with Directive 2004/108-CE.

6. Installation of the corrective measures

If the suitability study has been performed and there is not enough time or the materials available to start the execution plan of corrective measures for the non-conformities:

· Execution of the electrical and mechanical work

7. Lockout of machines

At ELEKTRA GROUP we see that the majority of accidents are due to the energy source not being neutralised, so we analyse and supply the various shut-off device so maintenance and repair work is safe.

All work in or near an electrical installation must be carried out without voltage.

To leave the electrical installation without voltage, before doing the work and to reset the voltage at the end of this, the general provisions established in the Appendix IIA of law 31/95 shall be followed.

8. Turnkey solutions

ELEKTRA GROUP offers the possibility of carrying out and applying the results of the different services proposed by the safety and EMC department, avoiding concern about the safety of machinery or equipment. Our team of professionals will coordinate all the stages of application, study and modification (electrical and mechanical) for the subsequent verification of the safety measures proposed, always using solutions aimed at optimising safety, productivity and implementation costs.

9. Training

From the safety department we consider that training is becoming a vital instrument in reducing the number of accidents.

ELEKTRA GROUP offers customised training on industrial safety: the purpose of this service is to provide the knowledge necessary, at both conceptual and practical level, to heads of safety, technical office staff, maintenance staff, users of the machine, etc., for the correct application and implementation of the requirements in the current regulations and legislation.

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