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The peace of mind of getting it right

The ELEKTRA GROUP's Consultancy Department specialises in offering solutions in the areas of Industrial Automation, Machine Safety, Building Automation, HVAC, Energy Efficiency and Photovoltaic Solar Energy. The main aim of this department is to be close to the client as a technological partner, offering comprehensive solutions through advice about applications and projects in all areas which enable it to offer a unique and global solution in integral projects.

 To do so, we offer:

We carry out an extensive study of the real needs of each project, ensuring the very best result. We take on the project in the following areas:

We have LIFEEVOLUTION, a unique space in which to display our HVAC, lighting and control solutions.


We have the most advanced products in the world of industrial automation, and a team of specialists that have been endorsed by the leading manufacturers in the sector.

We offer a pre-sales service that aims to find the best solution to meet all our clients' needs, ensuring that the proposed equipment is suitable for the task in question, and carrying out architectures in line with the leading market standards.

We strive to find the best possible solution, ensuring all the different products are integrated:


Our team of professionals offers commercial and technical support to tackle all kinds of tertiary projects, as well as collaborating to ensure the end client's satisfaction.

We can divide this support into 3 different phases:

By following these phases, we can get the maximum performance and profitability out of the project, and the end client's full satisfaction.


Using the wide variety of heating and air-conditioning technologies that we have at our disposal, we can offer highly technological installations based on concepts such as integration and energy efficiency.

We offer advice on systems such as geothermal & aerothermal energy, underfloor heating, controlled ventilation, industrial refrigeration by ventilation, air-conditioning, data processing rack cooling, infrared heating, biomass, etc...


Greater efficiency in the end use of energy creates potentially significant savings and boosts organisations' competitiveness and innovation.

Energy audits are tools that enable organisations to discover their situation regarding their use of energy, and are useful in setting up efficient energy management systems in organisations.

The Elektra Group collaborates as an energy partner, offering to carry out an energy assessment and the subsequent implementation of improvement measures, with the purpose of making the electrical installation as efficient as possible.


We have a team of professionals who specialise in this sector and who are highly skilled and experienced, offering the very best solution and technical support at all stages of the project.

We have collaboration agreements with prestigious manufacturers, both on a national and international level, which allow us to offer the most suitable product for the clients' requirements.

We offer the following services:


We assume the responsibility to find a solution to problems, carrying out a personalised study of each project and taking into account the real needs in each case. We place great importance on lighting management and control systems, on their energy efficiency and respect for the environment.

We work with leading light manufacturers in the lighting sector and we have a team of specialists working on lighting management and control, all highly skilled with extensive knowledge of the product and its applications. In this way, we can shape any type of project:


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