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Quality as our aim

Elektra came into being in 1978 with a marked technical vocation in the electricity sector. Activity began in the city of San Sebastian, where, in a small pavilion, ELEKTRA started to carry out high and low voltage electrical installations.

The human team at that time considered selling electrical equipment a good way for the company to broaden its horizons and began to distribute electrical equipment with added value. This decision led to new work centres being opened, with warehouses in Pamplona, Olaberria and Elgoibar.

The more recent history of Elektra maintains the reference of its technological spirit and entrepreneurial nature, having become a mature company, which collaborates with its customers in technology, aiming to be more competitive every day.

Quality in Management

Quality of service is a fundamental idea in Elektra's activities as proven by the fact that it has had a quality management system according to ISO standards since 1998.

Since then at Elektra we have not let up in our drive to disseminate quality as the aim in all our workplaces and activities, having achieved acknowledgement in the form of a company registration certificate, which was innovative for the activity of household electrical equipment sales.

The identity of Elektra is also noted in our effort to improve and disseminate our corporate image, carrying out projects such as the publication of our second Corporate Image Manual in 2002, the creation of our website in 2000, the publication of our Corporate Catalogue in 2003, the complete update of our website in 2004 and the creation and publication of the appliances website in 2006.

C/ Apostolado, 34
20014 San Sebastián
Guipúzcoa - España


Tel.: (+34) 943445039
Fax: (+34) 943456066

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