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A project full of enthusiasm

We are pleased to write these lines to present a new project involving the distribution and wholesale selling of electrical equipment in Galicia, which will begin on 3 October 2011, in the city of Vigo.

The idea emerged due to the restless of a group of Galician people, professionals in the electricity sector with extensive experience, who recognising the opportunities the crisis can bring have decided to undertake this project with the same hope and commitment that has always characterised us.

For this project we have the support of Elektra Group, a consolidated group of companies that is a national leader in the sector of electrical equipment distribution, which means we can offer stock from the top brands in the sector at very competitive prices, and a number of additional services that will contribute a high value to our customers.

Our main objective is customer satisfaction and with our daily work we will try to show this.

Ctra. Fragosiño Nº 36
36214 Vigo
Pontevedra - España


Tel.: (+34) 986 49 4112
Fax: (+34) 986 48 06 18

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